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Haveson Florvil, CEO

Born May 31, 1989 in Ouanaminthe, Haveson Florvil attended primary and secondary school in his hometown where he began to take an early interest in leadership, literary and scientific activities.

Entrepreneur, writer, computer engineer and motivational and personal development coach, Haveson Florvil is CEO of Alphanet.
Winner of the Most Outstanding Ten Young Haitians Contest in 2014 – for the Personal Development Category – (TOYP Award, Ten Outstanding Person, Junior Chamber International, JCI, Haiti), Participant at the 2014 Elan Haiti National Symposium, Founder of the Science Leadership Camp and Technologies (2015), Founder of the Expo Business, Science and Technology Fair (2015), Coach of Special Leadership Courses for Children and Adolescents aged 11 to 19 (Haveson Leadership Coaching, 2016) and Founder of the Entrepreneurs and Professionals Fair (2016) and the Network of Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Promoters (2017) of Haveson Leadership Coaching and Network (HLCN).

Former member of the National Network of Children Defenders of their Rights, Former members of the Youth Bi-Multipliers Club of Knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health (2004-2008), one of the National Laureates at the National Dictée Competition (2006), Second National Winner at the National Philosophical Dissertation Competition (2008), Member of the Youth Parliament of Haiti as a young MP (2009), Author of the collection ” Couleurs de l’Avenir ” (2010), Jeune-Sénateur (2011) and President of the Senate and the National Assembly of the Youth Parliament of Haiti (November 2011), Ambassador to the Haitian Simulation of the United Nations (SIMHANU 2012), Visitor to the Youth Parliament of Quebec (2013).

As an IT consultant, Haveson Florvil helps institutions bring technological innovations for more standard and efficiency in the mission of these institutions.

Entrepreneurship and Social
Haveson Florvil manages his Alphanet company with which he contributes to the evolution of the standard of living of the population through Education, Computer Science and Technology. He founded via and for Alphanet:

1.-The Science and Technology Leadership Camp (see)

2.-Fair Expo Business Sciences and Technologies (see)

3.-The Tonel Tek (T-TEK)

4.-The Exposed Conferences on Technologies (CEIT)

5.-The Alphanet Public Wifi Program (APW)

6.-The Alphanet GeoCities Program (AGC)

Help Developing the People: Coaching and Mentoring
Haveson Florvil, also works as an entrepreneurial coach and personal development coach. As a result, between 2014 and 2016, he develops his own teaching and leadership sharing network called “Haveson Leadership Coaching and Network – HLCN” whose office is based in Ouanaminthe at number 37, Rue Bourbon.

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For contacts and emergencies:
Address: # 37 Bourbon Street, Ouanaminthe, North East, Haiti.
Whatsapp: (+509) 40858590